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Patel Dental Care

Offers services in routine and advanced dental treatments. Here is a brief description about our practice.

About the clinic:

The clinic provides contemporary and advanced dental care with routine and specialized dental treatments including Cosmetic dentistry, Crowns, Veneers, Fixed bridges, Composite bonding, single and multiple Dental Implants, Root canal treatment, Periodontal treatment,Gummy smile correction,fillings, teeth whitening, Orthodontic treatment , Invisible aligners and Children’s dental care.

Provides a holistic view, of your dental health and make sure the best treatment plan which economically fits your pocket as well is given.Feel free to ask any doubts or question you have about any dental treatment .You can reply to this mail or call  us on the numbers provided below to fix an appointment.

About Our Staff:

We have well trained and experienced faculty.



Our Mission

  • To render the best possible treatment that would enhance the overall health of our patient.
  • To make sure our patient is treated in a hygienic atmosphere.
  • To provide comprehensive health care with  excellence in itself.
  • To educate and integrate  health consciousness in the community.
We believe it is our responsibility to provide patients with the latest dental technology to help them achieve their goals. With new technology, we can often perform many dental procedures more effectively, reducing treatment and recovery time, minimizing side effects, and ultimately achieving more precise results.


  • CARE : Concern, Compassion, care and treat the patient as own.
  • COMFORT : We are here to erase your cloudy illusion of a painful dental treatment.
  • SERVICES :  Patient safety is our highest priority.
  • EDUCATION : We make sure our patient is just not cured but is also aware about his dental health.
  • PATIENT CARE: Treat everyone with the utmost respect, dignity, integrity and honor.

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Advanced Dentistry

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Dental Care That’s All About You

We follow the tradition we were tagged along.Here your smile is served with care and perfection from safe hands. While we also understand choosing a dentist is an important decision to make,because that ‘SMILE’ is just not a curve drawn along the face,It is as unique as YOU!

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